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Help4Tenants Lawyers was established in assisting tenants who live in poorly maintained properties with difficulties in getting their Landlord to carry out basic repairs. The social housing in the UK is at a point where there is a clear need for change. The properties let out to tenants are suffering from severe disrepair with the tenants living in these properties being left to believe that this is all they are entitled to. Latest figures have shown that over half a million social homes currently do not meet the national Decent Home Standard. This equates to one in seven of all social homes in England. A quarter of a million social homes are suffering from a category one safety hazard which is the highest category of risk.

We find that despite the complaints made for the issues at the rented property the Landlord believes it is still okay for tenants to live without repairing the property to the standard they are required to by the law. There are times when tenants live with these issues for months, and in some cases, years, and the Landlord has still not repaired the issues within a timely manner.

Housing Claim Specialist

We have dealt with tenants who range on a scale from being happy with their property to tenants who are suffering physically and psychologically because of the disrepair. We are not simply a panel of professionals. Help4Tenants Lawyers consists of individuals who were once living in tenanted properties who had reported issues to their Landlord and were ignored. We at Help4Tenants Lawyers understand what it’s like to be an in a state of helplessness and being embarrassed about your property. We understand how it feels when your Landlord ignores your phone calls and letters. With our assistance, your property will be repaired and you may get compensated for the inconvenience caused.

How we will help you?

You will be contacted by one of our claim assessors who will talk you through the process of the claim step by step. We will then arrange to visit your property and discuss the issues and answer any questions you may have. We will then pass your information on to a specialist panel of solicitors we work with who will then contact you to obtain the information required to ensure your property is repaired and that you get the level of compensation you deserve.